Take Your Chances With Red Dog Poker Computer Game

What is the Red Dog Computer Card Game?Red Dog Poker computer card game is a game that is purely based on luck. The objective of the player in the game is to guess if the value of a card, which is randomly selected, is between the value of the two cards that the dealer has previously drawn. The value of any card from 2 to 10 counts at face value and the jack counts as 11, the queen as 12, the king counts as 13 and finally the ace as 14. A deck of 52 cards is usually used for this kind of game and after each round the whole deck is shuffled.Players who want a fast-paced card game will surely enjoy playing Red Dog. This kind of game relies very much on chance and players who feel that they are truly fortunate will get a chance to test their luck.How to Play Red Dog Computer Card Game?The game starts when players make a wager based on their desired amount of chips which can be found at the bottom of the casino game window. A player’s total bet is displayed in the Player Info Box. The amount can go up or down simply by placing the icon on the stack that the player wishes to add to or subtract from their bet. Every time the player clicks the left mouse button, a chip is added to the amount of the wager. If the player clicks on the right mouse button the planned wager amount decreases.When a wager is placed, players have to click on the “DEAL” button and two cards will be dealt by the dealer which will be placed face up for all the players to see. A Red Dog is placed on top of the table to indicate to the players the spread between the dealer’s two cards. If the dealer comes up with a non-consecutive hand, the players can double their wager by choosing the “RAISE” button. When they do this a third card is drawn by the dealer. If the dealer comes up with a consecutive hand or pair hand, then players will not need a third card.Moreover, a pair hand is when the dealer comes up with two cards that are of the same value like two Queens or two Kings. When this happens, the dealer automatically draws another card. If the third card has the same value as the other two, then both players win with an 11:1 payoff. However, if the value of the third card is different from that of the first two cards, this hand is considered a push and the original wager of the players are returned to them.If two cards drawn by the dealer have consecutive values, like a 6 card followed by a 7 card, it is called a consecutive hand. The dealer will not draw another card and this hand is considered a push and the original wager of the player is returned.When the dealer draws two cards that do not have the same value or consecutive values, this hand is considered a non-consecutive hand. When this happens the dealer will place on the table a Red Dog to announce the spread between the two cards. The spread is the number of values between the values of the two cards that the dealer drew earlier. For example, if the dealer drew two cards 3 and 8 then the spread is four since there are four values (4, 5, 6, 7) between 3 and 8. When the dealer announces the spread, players can raise their wager or stand on their current one. Once they have decided, the dealer draws another card. Players win if the third card’s value falls between the values of the first two cards drawn by the dealer.The rules of Red Dog computer card game are quite simple and easy to follow, which makes this game one of the favorites of casino players.